Tierney Rinehart

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Tierney Rinehart
Biographical Information



Human x Stellenis




August 14, 2389 (age: 32)

Physical Description



100 lbs





Political Information

United Federation of Planets, Starfleet


USS Enterprise


Chief Intelligence Officer/Second Officer


Played By:


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Lieutenant Commander Tierney Rinehart is perhaps one of Starfleet’s greatest mysteries. Born of legendary blood, though removed due to that blood being proof of family infidelities, and the unknown, Tierney is a walking conundrum. Much to her father’s elation, she has been assigned to the USS Enterprise, the very ship where her grandfather rose to his own brand of stardom – but much to his chagrin she has chosen to walk as a ghost and serve the shady world of Intelligence with her brand of magic.

Physical Description

At 5'2" and roughly 100lbs, Rinehart is a petite, but athletic, elegant young woman.

Build: Athletic, wide hipped, small waisted, hour glass figure, long fingers, small feet, powerful legs, relatively evenly proportioned, long willowy limbs for size but not oddly so, large eyes and lips, turned up nose, round delicate ears

Hair: Natural hair color is light lavender that heads more towards a red tint towards winter. To avoid conflict and identification as more than a human, Rinehart dyes her hair to a more acceptable strawberry blonde which is quite a feat given it's thickness. Under the right lighting conditions, the lavender shines through.


freckles tend to work in patterns not unlike star-charts, including larger lighter "dapples" along her lower belly and inner thighs starting at her belly button and spreading out along her inner hips etc. Small scar/hot brand behind right ear, hair immediately above it grows in lighter.


Life hasn't come easy to Tierney Rinehart. Born to Colonel James Rinehart, a descendant of the house of Riker, and his wife Alira, a humanoid alien of unknown and unstudied origin aside from their preference for being kidnapped and sold on the Ferengi black market sex trade, she has spent the vast majority of her life being the social outcast. The bulk of her childhood was set aside for being ridiculed, teased and mocked by her peers for her strange traits and inability to recite her pedigree completely -- something only adolescents would use against someone. The rest of the time was spent devoted to learning about Star Fleet and being groomed for the academy by her overzealous father who felt he had something to prove due to his own personal demons revolving around not being acknowledged by the Riker main line in spite of his raw success as a Marine.

Tierney has an uncanny ability to manipulate magnetic fields and water stemming from her matriline's semi-aquatic tendencies, something that made her time in the Academy a bit more bearable after becoming swim team and diving champion. However, she is made ill after using her abilities to any great degree other than her natural ability to hold her breath for a long period of time. Symptoms include great fatigue, sweating, erratic heartbeat, and being rendered unconscious depending on the level of exertion.

Secret Secrets


Rinehart’s pedigree is mostly secret. A quick look at her records will boast her Father’s lineage as being a son of the great William T. Riker, but further notes will show that the Riker mainline has never accepted or embraced his existence due to his birth being the result of one of Riker’s many trysts prior to marriage. The other half of the equation simply says ‘Alira Rinehart’ with notations of the woman being rescued from a Ferengi compound on a small M class moon in the Cheydinhall Sector. The word “unknown” has been thrown around several times, along with the species name of “Stenellis”.

Thar She Glows

One of the most peculiar parts of Rinehart’s physiology is the fact that her freckles take on a blue/white glow in low-light situations. Put her in water and she’ll illuminate the general area around her enough to aid in navigation. It’s believed that this trait was developed by her mother’s mainly aquatic half just the same way that they were able to train their brains to allow for and detect echolocation. It’s also highly likely that the glowing is a warning to predators as testament to their ability to produce a decent voltage shock. Rinehart works hard to protect and disguise the fact she isn’t human, something very few people have been given insight to.



The El-Aurian, Kerenal , was arguably Rinehart’s first love. During her first deployment with Starfleet as the USS Crazy Horse’s Chief Operation’s Officer, the two met and were quick to strike up a deep and profound friendship that bordered on romance. She presented something new to the ageless El-Aurian and he presented a kind heart and soft hands that found beauty in her unique differences. It was her signature across the line that saw her disappear into the realm of Starfleet Intelligence that severed the tie between them without so much as a goodbye.

Mark Rhodes

Engineer and Scientist, Mark Rhodes stepped into Tierney’s life in a big way when she was forced to uncover her knowledge and take a critical role in saving the Enterprise from capture during the beginning of the civil war with Fed First. What began with the newly minted Acting Captain threatening her life should she prove to be a turn coat out to end the Enterprise, quickly blossomed into a whirlwind romance filled with secret meetings and nighttime trysts much to the chagrin of the ship’s Chief of Security of Chief Medical Officer.

After being captured by Vokar during a run to intercept Fed First supplies (ordered by Admiral Malone), the romance began to tapper and dwindle until tragedy struck and ended it permanently with the sabotage of Rhodes’ shuttle and subsequent death. Rhodes would leave a permanent mark on Rinehart’s life, shortly after his death it was discovered that she was carrying his child.