Taverain Ramius

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Taverain Ramius
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2369 (age 53)



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Light Brown



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United Federation of Planets, Starfleet


USS Corsair


Captain, USS Corsair



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236907.25 - Born, Planet Alveyon
237008.13 - Diagnosed with rare birth defect
237101.09 - Undergoes experimental treatment
237403.19 - Andrew Ramius exposes,

Dr. Artimis Ballentine

2374011.20 - Dr. Artimis Ballentine,

sentenced to prison

238005.19 - Dr. Ballentine escapes prison with the help of the NeoDyne Corporation
238009.10 - NeoDyne paramilitary forces storm Ramius household
Taverain's Parents Killed
Aiden Ramius goes missing (presumed dead)
Taverain leaves for Earth

off Alveyon to Earth by Commander James Valtren who becomes his guardian

238901.22 from a pirate attack. The event launches Taverain's Starfleet career
239305.22 - Graduates Starfleet Academy as a combat pilot
240510.08 - Assigned to USS Crazy Horse
240603.26 - Promoted to Commander
240703.24 to the Marines, at the request of the captain, Ramius assumes the rank of Lt. |Colonel in charge of the Dirae’s fighter forces.
240712.01 his old naval rank and is reinstated as a Commander at the request of Captain |Zachary Chandler.
240804.02 Field promotion to Captain awarded.
241001.11 - Assigned to command USS. Corsair and transfers to Starfleet Intelligence.


Taverain Ramius and his identical twin brother Aiden were born to parents Andrew and Elizabeth on the Federation planet of Alveyon. His father, a commander in Starfleet Intelligence, transferred to the far away posting to spend time with his wife and two sons away from much of the intrigue and politics of fleet intelligence operations.


The Ramius family learned that their two sons at the age of 12 months had contracted a fatal birth defect the result of an extremely rare, genetic flaw. Grief stricken over the news, Andrew and Elizabeth sought help from the quadrant’s leading doctors, but met with little success. No cure existed for the extremely rare and virtually unknown defect. With genetic manipulation banned by the Federation the family was forced to consider other options for saving the lives of their sons.

Desperate to help his newborn children, Andrew Ramius came across information through his intelligence sources which he believed could save his son’s lives. He eventually made contact with an unscrupulous scientist and researcher who specialized in banned, genetic research - Dr. Artimis Ballentine.

Ballentine had stolen alien DNA from an ancient archaeological find years earlier that exhibited miraculous characteristics unknown to modern sciences. Anxious to keep the discovery to himself, the archaeological team disappeared under mysterious circumstances along with much of their research leaving little evidence of their discoveries.

Desperate to test and prove his illicit theories on human subjects the doctor was eager to aid the Ramius family given two terminally ill children upon which he could - experiment. With few other options, Andrew and Elizabeth Ramius consented to a treatment devised by the doctor to cure their children using genetic manipulation and fragments of the alien DNA.

The resulting treatment was a success and the children survived the procedures however not without various unintended side effects. The Ramius / Ballentine partnership quickly eroded after it was clear the boys would survive and appeared healthy. Ballentine was arrested some years later on various medical and ethical charges in no small part due to Andrew Ramius's efforts to quietly expose the doctor and his illegal and ethically dubious activities despite the procedures he had devised that had saved the lives of his sons.

Seven years passed and the boys continued to remain illness free though there were noticeable side effects of the treatment that had saved their lives. The children seemed more resilient to common illness, had more speed and stamina, appeared to learn faster, and were generally stronger than children in their own age group. Taverain and Aiden did exhibit unusual side effects, but they appeared generally mild and the boys quickly overcame the painful incidents which occurred on rare occasions. Aiden, for reasons unknown, lost his brown hair color as his hair went silver at the age of six, possibly as a side effect of the treatment. This difference was the only recognizable physical attribute that separated the two twin brothers from one another.

An Old Adversary Returns

Unbeknown to anyone, Dr. Ballentine finds himself rescued from prison some years later and is offered employment with the NeoDyne Corporation which takes a significant interest in the doctor’s former work, data, and experiments. Anxious to explore the commercial potential of the alien DNA and its super-human properties it is learned that all traces of the original DNA had been destroyed or damaged beyond viable scientific use. The only remaining viable samples of the alien genetic code now exist within the blood of Taverain and Aiden Ramius.

Neodyne with vast wealth, power, and influence attempts to kidnap the children from their home and silence their parents at the behest of Dr. Ballentine anxious to settle unfinished business with Andrew Ramius. The operation to capture the children goes awry as the Ramius family fights back against the paramilitary force sent to obtain the children. Andrew and Elizabeth Ramius are killed attempting to protect their children in a fierce firefight within the Ramius household. Close family friend, then Commander James Valtren, finds himself embroiled in the incident while attending dinner. His best friend begs him to escape with his children and Valtren swears to look after the boys while Andrew and Elizabeth hold off the NeoDyne paramilitary force.

Valtren attempts to escape with the two children, but is ambushed by reserve Neodyne agents outside of the Ramius family home. He manages to fight off his attackers and escape with Taverain but is unable to rescue his brother Aiden who he believed was killed in the fighting. With no children or family of his own, Valtren remains true to his word after the horrific events and attempts to raise Taverain as if he were his own son. Using his position in intelligence, Valtren shields young Taverain from the outside world and the boy all but disappears under the commander’s protection.

Early Years

Raising Taverain was especially difficult given the boy’s unique abilities which Valtren ensures remain hidden. Keeping Taverain anonymous is difficult given the boy’s tendency to get into trouble a likely effect of the trauma he suffered being ripped away from his family and everything he had known at a young age. Eventually, Valtren rises in the ranks of Fleet Intelligence achieving the rank of Commodore and urges Taverain, a bright, but troubled and head-strong, teenager in need of discipline and purpose to join Starfleet.

The commodore is transferred from Earth to a remote starbase on assignment to deal with a dangerous group of mercenaries and pirates whose violent activities had disrupted an entire sector. He brings Taverain along hoping that the experience on a frontier starbase might help the young man choose a career being able to interact and experience a wide range of cultures and occupations aboard the remote outpost. The station, however, having learned top Starfleet intelligence brass are aboard and wanting to send a message to Starfleet raid the base with the help of an inside agent who betrays the station’s senior staff allowing the pirates to lower its shields and board the station. With the station in peril surrounded by three heavily armed raiders, Taverain witnesses several of the pirates gun down innocent civilians in cold blood spurring the youth into action. With pirate forces in control of the station, Ramius and a young cadet steal a single Starfleet fighter and manage to launch undetected. Ramius’s actions ultimately buy time for Valtren and other senior staff to retake the station, arm its weapons, and eliminate the hostile pirate ships that had surrounded the station. At the conclusion of the affair, Starfleet is stunned that a teenage boy was able to hold off a superior pirate force single handed in a fighter the young man had had no official training or instruction. Ramius receives several civilian honors and awards as a result of his actions. Realizing he has an aptitude and thirst for adventure and danger, Taverain applies to Starfleet Academy and graduates as a combat fighter pilot.

Early Career

Ramius quickly makes a name for himself, much to Valtren’s consternation, forcing the Commodore to regularly use his influence and connections to keep his charge out of the brig and out of general court martial proceedings. With a lackluster career, and a reputation for being a problem, Ramius jumps from posting to posting as superior officers pass the young, audacious, and cavalier pilot from assignment to assignment. Taverain’s career is kept afloat only by his superior flying abilities which continue to amaze and confound his superiors. His natural piloting talent combined with his cavalier behavior makes him one of the best pilots in the fleet much to the chagrin of his superiors who have no choice but to pin commendations on Taverain’s chest. Avoiding court martial one commendation at a time, Ramius quickly attracts attention from admirers and detractors alike. On a diplomatically sensitive mission the USS Resolve comes under surprise attack by hostile forces severely damaging the Resolve. Her fighter squadron, unable to launch all of its fighters due to the attack manages to dispatch only three fighters to counter the enemy threat. In what became a classified incident, due in part to Ramius’s step-father’s efforts at Starfleet Intelligence, Ramius, using his ‘unique’ abilities drives off the enemy single handedly in a lone fighter becoming a three time ace (10 confirmed kills) in a single action. His actions earn Ramius a great deal of respect, several high awards and commendations, and a citation from the Federation President. Coined the “Hero of Falkunier” after saving the Resolve and the nearby colony, Ramius returns to the Academy as an instructor for a brief period before returning to active duty within the fleet.

Assigned to Crazy Horse - SD240510.08

Ramius serves with distinction aboard the Crazy Horse and is promoted to Commander. His cavalier attitudes soften with age as he matures.

Promoted from Lt. Cmdr > Cmdr. SD240603.26

Brothers - Reunited

During his service aboard the USS Crazy Horse, Taverain learns that his brother, Aiden, survived the horror from his childhood and is alive and well. Encountering his brother, Aiden explains that he was captured by NeoDyne troops shortly after Taverain escaped and later subjected to terrible experiments at the hands of NeoDyne scientists. He later escaped his prison and fled the planet seeking out his brother whom was rumored to have survived.

Aiden, who had learned the truth of his existence, explains their father’s mistake to his brother who until now has been oblivious to his past. Aiden further reveals that the original data and alien genetic material discovered years ago on Alveyon was destroyed leaving its remaining legacy flowing only in the bloodstream of himself and Taverain. Aiden also describes NeoDyne’s dark intentions and ensures his brother is aware he is now a marked man sought by one of the quadrant’s most powerful corporations.

Neodyne secretly desires to continue the original experiments began twenty five years ago but had hit an impasse. NeoDyne scientists, unable to achieve the same results using only Aiden’s DNA, now seek Taverain for the other half of the genetic keys to again unlock the potential of the remarkable alien genome.

Aiden, after years of torment by Neodyne, seeks revenge on the Alveyan people for their complicity in assisting NeoDyne years before. More specifically, Aiden lusts for revenge against NeoDyne itself and its president, Alistair Merikai. He attempts to convince Taverain to join him explaining that they can use their ‘gifts’ to deliver justice to the bribed members of the Alveyan government and then turn their attention to destroying NeoDyne and exacting revenge on Merikai who authorized the assault which killed their parents and prevented either of them from living normal, peaceful lives.

Taverain finds his brother fueled by hatred. Aiden appears to regard normal humans as inferior and seeks to destroy anyone who would stand between him and revenge. Taverain questions his brother’s motives and refuses to assist in his quest for revenge.

The two brothers encounter one another several times as Aiden continues the attempt to persuade his brother to his maligned cause of revenge. In their last encounter, Taverain and Aiden are forced to fight each other in a struggle that pits brother against brother requiring each to utilize their unique abilities. Equally matched as identical twins, neither gains an advantage in the battle which leaves the flight deck of the Crazy Horse in flames. In the aftermath, Ramius discovers that Aiden, badly injured, somehow escapes the Crazy Horse leaving Ramius with more questions than answers about a past he knew virtually nothing about.

Inconvenient Truth

After an intense series of conversations with Commodore Valtren, Ramius expresses signicant contempt and anger with his former guardian for not revealing the details of his past to him. Valtren, explains he was trying to protect Ramius by not giving him the information of his past, knowing that foreign agents could someday come after Taverain’s secrets. Taverain doesn’t accept the Commodore’s explanation and the two develop a cold relationship as a result. Only later does Valtren reveal what he knows to Taverain and cautions him that in addition to his brother, there are others who seek to obtain his secrets. Valtren warns Ramius, as he has all along, to keep his unusual talents and abilities secret for his own protection.

On Stardate 240703.24 – Ramius is transferred to the USS Dirae, an Akira Class Starship, as Wing Commander. Asked to transfer to the Marines, at the request of the captain, Ramius assumes the rank of Lt. Colonel in charge of the Dirae’s fighter forces.

On Stardate 240712.01 – Ramius, now under the command of a new captain, is asked to again assume his old naval rank and is reinstated as a Commander at the request of Captain Zachary Chandler.

Taverain again falls into a brief romance aboard the Dirae with a new pilot who seems to have her eye on the Wing Commander. Tav later discovers she secretly wanted revenge against him for the events years earlier involving the USS Resolve. The pilot, who lost her brother in the fighting, blamed Ramius and attempted to seduce him. Ramius discovers this when he is ambushed aboard the Dirae after coming to see the attractive pilot in her quarters. Unbenown to Ramius, Lt. Alexis Lenarra, driven by revenge for years, actually has fallen in love with Ramius and has second thoughts about her vengeful quest. She unwittingly joined forces with NeoDyne Intelligence Agents who use her and her emotions as a way to get to Ramius and abduct him for their own evil intent.

At the last moment, Lenarra changes her mind, and interferes with the NeoDyne agent’s attempts to secure Ramius. Taverain scuffles with the agent who fatally wounds Lt. Lenarra before disintegrating himself with a phaser to avoid capture.

Ramius listens to Lenarra as she asks for forgiveness from the Commander and expresses her love shortly before expiring. The intense events cause a crisis of conscious for Ramius who now struggles to reconcile his existence with the rest of the world. Feeling many of the raw emotions of his brother Aiden, Tav begins to sympathize with his brother’s harsh views on humanity. Distraught over Lt. Lenarra’s death and the knowledge she was used by NeoDyne agents to get at him, Ramius contemplates leaving Starfleet, but is talked out of resigning by a close friend.

Deeply troubled by recent events, Ramius questions his own existence wondering if the universe would be better off without the secrets that flow within him.

Second Dominion War

The Second Dominion War erupts across the galaxy pitting the Federation once again against Dominion forces intent on smashing the Federation. With losses mounting and a severe shortage or qualified commanders cool in battle and skilled in combat, Starfleet awards Taverain a battlefield commission to the rank of Captain and pulls him from his fighter to command the U.S.S. Corsair. Ramius attempts to reject the promotion but is forced to accept the new rank and position. Thrown into combat, the Corsair serves with distinction in many battles and skirmishes with Dominion forces until at last the war ends.

Transfer To Intelligence

Lacking orders after the war’s end, Captain Ramius and the Corsair are transferred to Starfleet Intelligence under the orders of now Admiral James Valtren. Having joined the ranks of intelligence top brass, Valtren uses his office and authority to assign the Corsair and Ramius to missions that typically remain “off the record”.

Accepting the most hazardous or risky intelligence assignments, Ramius as a result, is afforded wide operational authority and latitude under the banner of intelligence to investigate the powerful corporate giant, NeoDyne. Valtren, also seeking to expose NeoDyne for its crimes and the death of his best friend thirty years ago, ensures Ramius’s actions and missions are quietly classified. As a result, the USS Corsair is afforded ‘special’ status due to the clandestine and dangerous missions it typically undertakes.

Captain Ramius, armed with the proper tools and power, now seeks to bring those responsible for his parent’s deaths to justice. In addition, Ramius seeks to end the threat posed by his genetic legacy and vows to prevent NeoDyne from obtaining and exploiting the forbidden knowledge that he and he alone must protect.


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