Peter Burnett

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Peter Burnett
Biographical Information







2389 (age 33)


Troy Burnett and Sara Burnett

Physical Description

6'0 ft


150 lb





Political Information



USS Vindicator


Chief Medical Officer



Played By:


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Physical Appearance

Peter is tall, with a very slim build. His features are otherwise unmarkable, a common everyday sort of man.


  • Spouse:
  • Children:
  • Father: Tyler Burnett
  • Mother: Amber Burnett
  • Brother(s): Troy Burnett
  • Sister(s): Sara Burnett
  • Other Family:

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Peter Burnett was born aboard the USS Lakota, the child of Amber and Tyler Burnett. Tyler Burnett was a Lieutenant Junior Grade in Starfleet, and served as assistant security officer on the ship. His mother, Amber Burnett, was an ensign and served as an assistant medical officer. Growing up on the Lakota and other assignments as his parents made their careers in Starfleet, Peter grew up in the system. Being aboard a starship was the only life he had known, so it was only natural that he would eventually seek to become a part of that life. After completing high school aboard the USS Chintoka, he was accepted to Starfleet Academy as a medical student.

At Starfleet Academy, he was a solid student, with particular aptitude for science and medicine. He graduated from Starfleet Academy in the top 10% of his class, with the intent of becoming a doctor aboard a starship. After completing a residency aboard Starbase 22, he was assigned to the USS Hades as a medical officer. As the Hades was a transitional ship for the crew of the Vindicator while they awaited the construction of a new starship, he came aboard the Vindicator when the crew transferred in August of 2411.

Peter would be characterized as a talented doctor, with broad interests in terms of medical practice. He specialized in internal medicine at Starfleet Academy, and his residency prepared him for a position as a medical officer. While his surgical skills are not particularly noteworthy, he is a competent practioner, when surgery is required. His new interest is combat medicine, and he is training to join the MACU unit on the Vindicator as a field doctor.

In terms of peronality, Peter is a tolerant, patient physician. He is not particularly outgoing, but is also not withdrawn ... perhaps a middle of these two extremes. He was raised with certain contemptuous feelings about enlisted personnel, from things his father had said growing up, and is slowly learning to put aside these prejudices to try to work with others. He is very confident, particularly in matters of medicine, almost to the point of hubris. Overall, he is a nice person to know and a reliable friend to have.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths: Knowledge of Internal Medicine, Able to react well to stress, Able to multi-task in difficult environments.

Weaknesses: Has a certain contempt for people lower in rank than him. He could stand to improve his skills as a surgeon. He also harbors an occasional disregard for authority.


His current ambition would be best characterized as someone interested in moving to a senior medical position. While starship command and operations may be something for him to consider in the far future, he recognizes the need to earn respect and obtain experience in the medical field.

A secondary ambition is to work with MACO units as a field surgeon or combat doctor. He found the MACO peronnel to be particularly interesting and he may pursue this occupation, as opportunities present themselves.

Hobbies & Interests

Hobbies: He plays a 20th century police officer on the Holodeck, in a program called "Pursuit of the Death Angel."

Interests: His interests include medicine and the Starfleet Military Assault Command Operations (MACO). The MACO units have fascinated him since an encounter with a MACO marine in Sickbay.


Federation Standard

Personal History

Service Record

SD 241006.02 Graduated, Starfleet Academy.
SD 241008.05 Assigned to Starbase 22 for a medical residency
SD 241104.10 Assigned to USS Hades as Assistant Medical Officer
SD 241108.20 Transferred to USS Vindicator, with the rest of the crew

Ranks and Promotions

SD 241006.02 Commissioned at the rank of Ensign T-o1.png