Kassandra Denterius

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Kassandra Denterius
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2383 (age 39)

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140 Ibs





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Starbase Zetari


Commanding Officer
Task Force 1.1 Commanding Officer



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Physical Description

Taking after the human race with her light complexion. She is slender built that seems to be mostly legs. Long blond hair often held back in a braid to keep it out of the way. The Bajoran wrinkles across her nose give way of her half breed bloodline. On the outside, she looks mostly human. On the inside though her body works as a Bajoran's.


  • Birth Father - Unkown
  • Birth Mother - Unknown
    • Adopted Mother: Angelica Denterius.
  • Husband - Patrick Harper
  • Brother:Sven Denterius
  • Other Family:
    • Sister-in-law ~ Tamara (Mate to Sven)
  • Pets: Ryker (a german shepard mix) and Gizmo (a Boston Terrier). Both of them overly spoiled… paybacks for the times when she isn't able to spend a lot with them.

Medical History

  • 241203.06 - Shot in the chest, 2 broken ribs and heart stopped
  • 241204.01 - Mechanical heart surgery

Personal History

No one could have expected the battle to go that way. The Captain's ship while intact had suffered many loses. They were on a mission to pick up refugees from a planet under threat. The ship was attacked and barely made it away. The refugee manifest taken, and there were two infants, obviously of Bajoran decent. No one knew where they came from. And when the time came, none of the refugees would claim the children. So, Starfleet took them under it's care. The Captain of that ship, was first in line to adopt the children. Feeling someone responsibility for them, like he was given their stewardship by some higher power.

Kassi was raised as a normal healthy girl. She spent the next two years with her brother on board the USS Franklin. Until Captain Denterius retired to the Mars Station to live the quiet life and raise the two beautiful children they were gifted with. Her parents made no intention to hide from her the Bajoran culture. In fact every time a Bajoran Diplomat came to the Station, the retired Captain ensured his children would get the opportunity to speak to him or her, and learn little things, nuances.

While her brother went off to visit Bajor, she spent time learning more about human side of her. Till she was accepted into the Academy, and spent the next four years striving to learn all she could. Her mind clearly in the engineering aspects of things, though she tried to learn a bit about everything. Not only did she learn Academic things, but also social ones. Though her best friend Amelia, she was able to meet her brother Ian. Someone who she found herself getting close to, as close as distance would allow them. Visiting often during breaks, the two formed a relationship. One though, that would end up tearing her apart.

The chance to go to the Zetari brought a choice for her. Continue her career or her relationship. She knew that Ian had no intention of going to the stars. And she knew in her heart that she could never be truly happy staying in earth. Breaking up, they promised to remain friends forever.

Arriving on Station 204, she was thrilled to see her brother. Instantly jumping into things, she found herself on an away mission with her brother. Time on the Tesla with her brother gave them a chance to catch up. Though there is a time to joke and a time to be serious. Crashing into a planet proved to him that she could be such. And that she had learned some knowledge from Amelia in the medical field as she helped talk care of him till help arrived.

Put to work upon the Mjolnir. It became her passion as she spent time helping to repair it. Waiting for the day it passes the in flight test and is able to take flight fully. The Mjolnir finally completed and passed its entire test. Tamara threw a celebration for all who worked on it.

Promoted to junior grade, Kassi was determined to keep proving and making a name for herself on Zetari. Even if it meant standing up to one of the stations arrogant Commanders, something that she would seem to do often as the time went by. She was not afraid of backing down from anyone or anything.

Chosen to be on one of the runabouts that were sent to deploy prob's within the Jenkata Nebula, It would be the first time that Kassi would be working with the Commander that seemed to be able to push her buttons thankfully, for the sanity of all, Sikes as staying on the station as she and a couple others worked from the nebula. He criticized her work, and in return she pushed for perfection in her work. A small gas pocket exploding had them home just a little ahead of time. Though she wasn't too happy about that, one can't argue with the pilot.

For what she thought was some strange reason, the station started having power surges, and loosing decks. The mess up's throwing them into overtime as her and the team that she had somehow managed to form. The group just seemed to click perfectly, even when it seemed most of the others on the ship where turning against each other. Although as the power surges became more frequent, tempers seemed to build, even her own. Though thankfully, she managed to keep a little more control over herself then her brother did.

Though everything, Kassi had managed to build up the trust not only with her crew mates, but also in her department head and the Chief of Security, Ryan Edwards. Entrusted with the knowledge of things there where going down, Kassi was made team leader and given special orders. Things happened, people turned on others. As the alarms went off, she put her orders into effect, shutting down engineering and then ending up having to defend what she and her team had done against others in a fight. A sudden shift of energy brought people to their knees... though to their senses at the same time.

Life on the station carried on as it always does on a station. Things forever going on that kept her busy. Giving her the chance to prove herself, showing off what she knew and learning more as she went. On Stardate 240912.18 A change happened, she’d proven herself well enough that when Tamara needed someone to replace her as Chief of Operations, she was given the promotion. Accepting it with pride she then threw herself into her new position.

Adjustment was hard, spending more time out of her office then in. She jumped into the work on the new Zoo. Something that later would cause much mischief and mayhem when a couple bears escaped. Learning a lot from Ryan, such as making sure to take a bit of time out to have fun when one could, she found that a CO could be both commanding and fun at the same time. A lesson she would need later down the line.

Time passed, another away missing had her going down to the Kirmani planet. It also had her meeting the lazy arrogant man known as Varian. What was supposed to be a simply little mission to bring a bit of order back to a planet turned out to more. Ryan, having opted to lead the away mission had come up missing. Doing what she felt was right at the time; she asked a favor from Zane. Take the rest of the away team home. While she hunted for Zetari’s Commanding officer. Granted the favor, she and Varian continued stayed behind for a bit. Setting things up to help with the secret operation that Ryan was on. Returning back to the station her world started spiraling out of control. Promoted to acting XO, while Tamara got her updated on the things she would be doing. She found out that Tamara would be leaving Zetari, along with her brother. They were starting a family

On 241107.11, Kassi’s life changed again. So much for being XO, she was pushed right on up into the position of Commanding officer. What should have been good news didn’t last. Not only was she loosing family, but her best friend Amelia was leaving to join her boyfriend. That feeling of abandonment taking over her pushed her to once more throw into only her duty, causing arguments in the fragile, secret relationship that was forming between her and Varian. Thankfully, both seemed to be too stubborn to give up on each other. Upon the arrival of Taeran Ishcio her new Executive officer, she was made Captain of Starbase 204. That would start a new chapter in her life. Though with the good, came the bad. A little to much real scotch one night caused a lapse in judgement, one that would eventually tear the relationship she had with Varian apart.

She suddenly found herself on the fast track of life once she was handed over control of the Station. From Commander to Captain and then to Commodore. Starfleet seemed to feel she could handle things and more. Eventually they made her Commander of Task force 1.1

Running a Station, overseeing and going out with the Task Force left her little time to herself. Yet she still managed to befriend and fall for a Marine. Though all that would soon enough be taken away from her...

With the first family of the CinC killed, she was shipped out with her Task Force. As they reached the Bajor borders they found themselves surrounded by the enemy. Given a choice by the Cardassian leader, Kassi opted to save many for the life of one... or so she thought. Giving up herself to them with the understanding that they would let the others go, she transported herself over to them. Only to be forced to watch all be destroyed.

Service Record

  • 24XXXX.XX- Entered the Academy
  • 240807.28 - Transfered to Starbase Zetari
  • 240811.03 - Promoted to Ensign
  • 240903.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • 240909.15 - Promoted to Lieutenant
  • 24XXXX.XX - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
  • 240909.29 - Promoted to Commander
  • 241107.XX - Promoted to Commanding Officer of Zetari
  • 241107.XX - Promoted to Captain
  • 241208.01 - Promoted to Commodore
  • 241208.01 - Commander of Task Force 1.1
  • 241302.11 - Captured by the Cardassians
  • 241302.19 - Pronounced KIA
  • 241303.20 - Rescued Alive
  • 241405.14 - Promoted to Rear Admiral
  • 241405.14 - Commander of Task Force 1.4
  • 241410.31 - Chief of Staff, Gamma Quadrant Command
  • 241411.27 - Commanding officer of Zetari Sector

Ranks and Promotions

File:N-o1.png Promoted to Ensign SD 240811.03
File:N-o2.png Promoted to Lieuenant JG SD 240903.01
File:N-o3.png Promoted to Lieutenant SD 240909.15
File:N-o4.png Promoted to Lieutenant Commander SD 24xxxx.xx
File:N-o5.png Promoted to Commander SD 240909.29
File:N-o6.png Promoted to Captain SD 241108.11
File:N-a1.png Promoted to Commodore SD 241208.01