Jason Cooper

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Jason Cooper
Biographical Information







2369 (age 53)

Physical Description



145 Ibs


Sandy with Grey



Political Information

United Federation of Planets


USS Medusa


Chief Engineer & Chief of the Boat


Master Chief Petty Officer

Played By:


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Personal History

Jason Cooper has always strived to serve in the fleet. As a young boy, he dreamed of nothing else than to go into space and fight the bad guys. At the age of 16, he enlisted with his father's consent and entered boot-camp.

Immediately, it was obvious both to himself and his instructors that Jason had a flair for engineering. After he passed his basic training, he was pushed through for an advanced engineering course, where he focused his training on power distribution systems. He passed with flying colors, and was assigned to Starbase 86 with an advancement in rate to Crewman 2nd Class. It was here he was assigned as a reactor technician, a member of a team who were responsible for making sure the ancient reactor kept running on this back water starbase.

Eventually, he was transferred to Starbase 614, with an advancement to Crewman 1st. Here he was assigned to the Power Distribution Team, as a senior technician. During his time on 614, he took a correspondence course with Starfleet Academy, and graduated from their advanced Engineering school with honors, with a distinction in power distribution.

After this notch on his belt, he was advanced to Petty Officer 3rd Class, and assigned to the mechanical systems team, to get some experience on working with the nuts and bolts of engineering. He did well here, earning himself a reputation as a go-getter.

However, his love was power systems, and he also yearned for a ship posting. After his Master Chief pulled some strings, he was assigned to the USS Wake Island with a promotion to 2nd Class. He was assigned as an Engineers Mate, so he would be working on all systems, but would often focus on his own power systems. As an Engineers Mate, he was one of the leading ratings in the department, working for the Senior Chief Engineers Mate. He would supervise the training of the junior technicians, and work with other specialist teams.

He turned out to be so good at this that when the CO of the Wake Island was transferred to the Ticonderoga, he asked for Cooper by name. He moved over with Senior Chief Sundance, whom he saw as a mentor. He was recommended for Petty Officer 1st Class, and was promoted a week after by a grateful Captain. After renewing his enlistment, he spent another few years on the Tico before he was moved by Starfleet to the USS Epsom.

The Epsom was a horrible little ship, plagued with problems. Cooper did his best to keep things going, but after a falling out with the Chief Engineer over shoddy work; which turned out to be a junior engineers fault, not Coopers, but he was blamed anyway. The Chief had a beef with Cooper, and had vowed to break him, which is what happened. Cooper was hauled before Captain's mast and demoted back to Crewman 1st.

Cooper almost went UA after this happened, but he stuck it out. Thankfully, he was transferred off the Epsom by the replacement Captain, who saw the Chief Engineer for who he was, and wanted to spare the man more pain. He was sent to the USS Fields, an old Excelsior class barge, doing patrol duty in the Beta Quadrant.

Over the next six years Cooper clawed back his ranks, and position as an Engineers Mate, rather than a specific technician. After his tour on the Fields was done, he was back to 2nd class. A brief tour on the Fitzpatrick brought his rank back to Petty Officer 1st class.

By now, he'd been in the service a long time, and this was recognized by Starfleet, when a promotions board awarded Cooper the rank of Chief Petty Officer. He was assigned to Zetari Fleet Yards to work on their new ships.

He started out as a leading hand in the Power Distribution Systems Installation Team, and he did this on several ships. However, when the Medusa project was laid down at Zetari, Cooper was head-hunted to supervise the installation of the entire Power System aboard the Prometheus class.

He went back to the academy, and received his masters in field engineering, with a major in power systems and a minor in warp theory. He then took a second degree and received a doctorate in engineering with a major in power systems and a minor in Electro-Plasma-Systems.

Back on Zetari Yards, the keel of the USS Medusa was being laid, and as a class specialist, he was asked to read up on the variant specs. This he did, and became the yard's resident engineering specialist on the Medusa variant.

When the Medusa was finished, he was assigned to the ship to help break things in. Problems were bound to occur, and having him aboard was a good idea. He also wanted to get back into space, and he might as well do that on a ship he knew inside and out.

The maiden voyage was problematic, as the chief engineer assigned was a dunce, who caused power problems. However, Cooper rose to the occasion, and fixed the problem.

After the death of the replacement Chief Engineer, Cooper was assigned as Acting Chief Engineer.

After the battle for Sol, in which Cooper served well, he was promoted to full Chief Engineer, and promoted to Master Chief Petty Officer. He was also assigned as Chief of the Boat.

Service Record

  • Starfleet Basic Training
    • Recruit
  • Starbase 86
    • Reactor Technician
  • Starbase 614
    • Power Distribution Technician
    • Machinist Mate 3rd Class
  • USS Wake Island
    • Engineers Mate 2nd Class
  • USS Ticonderoga
    • Engineers Mate 2nd Class
    • Engineers Mate 1st Class
  • USS Epsom
    • Engineers Mate 1st Class
    • Power Distribution Technician
  • USS Fields
    • Engineers Mate 3rd Class
    • Engineers Mate 2nd Class
  • USS Fitzpatrick
    • Engineers Mate 1st Class
  • Zetari Fleet Yards
    • Chief Engineers Mate (Leading Power Distribution Installer)
    • Chief Engineers Mate (Supervising Power Systems Installer - Prometheus Project)
  • USS Medusa
    • Chief Engineers Mate
    • Acting Chief Engineer
    • Chief Engineer & Chief of the Boat

Ranks and Promotions

File:X-e1.png Attained rank of Crewman 3rd Class
File:X-e2.png Promoted to Crewman 2nd Class
File:X-e3.png Promoted to Crewman 3rd Class
File:X-e4.png Promoted to Petty Officer 3rd Class
File:X-e5.png Promoted to Petty Officer 2nd Class
File:X-e6.png Promoted to Petty Officer 1st Class
File:X-e3.png Demoted to Crewman 1st Class
File:X-e4.png Promoted to Petty Officer 3rd Class
File:X-e5.png Promoted to Petty Officer 2nd Class
File:X-e6.png Promoted to Petty Officer 1st Class
File:X-e7.png Promoted to Chief Petty Officer
File:X-e9.png Promoted to Master Chief Petty Officer SD 241308.24

In Character Service Awards

Ribbon Award Times Recieved
Technical Excellence Award (Engineering) 1

Orion Award (Unit Citation - USS Medusa) 1

Academy Courses

Ribbon Course
Basic SIM Guide (Email)
Security & Tactical Course
Starfleet Marine Course
Enlisted Course
Judge Advocate General Course
Starbase Course
Engineering Course
Operations Course Course
Combined Medical Course
Warrant Officer Qualification
Pilot Wings
Special Forces
Senior Officer Training

Command Course (Theory Pass)

Command Course (Practical Assessment Pass)

Flag Officer College