Eske Saghani

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General Overview:

Tri-Lingual: Star Fleet Common (primary) Ahtna (Alaskan)
Yup'ik (general Alaskan)

Strengths & Weaknesses:

  • Philosophical
  • Wilderness Caretaker
  • Collector
  • Respectful Angler
  • Survival instinct
  • Painful Youth


  • Family
  • Medicine
  • Charitable
  • Travel
  • Philosophical

Hobbies & Interests:

  • Astronomy and Philosophy
  • Outdoors/Wilderness
  • Angling
  • Water sports

Personal History:

Eske Yakone (red aurora) Saghani (Raven) was born to Denigi (moose) and Sesi (snow) Saghani (raven) in 236.

His parents would read stories to him at night as a small child. His father, Denigi a doctor, would often take trips to other towns to treat others.
One night his Eske was alone while his parents were away from the town a snowstorm hit and wiped out the town communication relays and generators. Eske had to fend for himself during the storm, while snowed in at his parent's cabin. After he was rescued his parents were nowhere to be found. The last communication reported from his parents, a message from their transport, requesting help. They were assumed dead and never heard from again.
A day - then a week- then a month went buy, still they did not return. Thankfully the town elder, Kaskae, heard about Eske and took Eske in as his own. Eske agreed to live with Kaskae (chief), but only until his parents returned for him. To this day he still believes his parents are alive and well somewhere in the wilderness of Alaska.
While living with Kaskae, Eske was taught everything he would need to know to survive in Alaska and the world outside of his home. He and Kaskae would take periodic trips around the area and, on the rare occasion, to places off world. During these trips Eske would sometimes camp outside for fun. It was in the outdoors he found a love for watch the stars. Kaskae encouraged his interest with the stars with astronomy and helped him learn the constellations.
As Eske grew, he and Kaskae would take trips off world. They would either book transport on transport vessels or on the rare occasion take an old star yacht his parents had left him. It was during these trips in the old star yacht he learned about starship navigation and repair work. On one occasion the old star yacht broke down only to be rescued by a star fleet emergency response vessel. Although, he only had a short ride to the local star base he enjoyed every minute of it. Afterwards he dreamed of charting the unknown. He was confident that he and Kaskae could take trips across the galaxy if he applied himself in his studies. Then one quiet winter day, Kaskae died. It came as heartache; one week later was Kaskae's 61st birthday. Eske was only twelve years old, and the painful memory still haunts him.
Soon afterwards an Alaskan family on the western coast of Alaska, whom cared for Eske until he was ready to live on his own, officially adopted Eske. Eske spent every day studying medicine, mathematics, and science with his father's old books he'd collected from his parent's old cabin. At sixteen he wanted to leave for Star Fleet Academy, but his adoptive parents didn't approve of a Star Fleet career. They wished for him to go to a private Alaskan college to study medicine. One night he left and caught a ride with a transport to San Francisco. He took the entrance examines and was later enrolled as a student. It was a drastic change for Eske, who was use to living on the frontier where he could see the stars.

Service Record:

(age 16) Star Fleet Academy: Cadet (science studies/ pre med)
USS Marie Curie Enlisted Personel: Crewmen (Lab assitant)
USS Armagedeon Enlisted Personel: Petty Officer 2nd class (Nurse)
Star Fleet Academy: Cadet (Medical studies)
USS Scotty: Cadet (Head Nurse)
USS Scotty: Ensign (Medical Assistant)
USS Charon: Leiutenant JG (Medical Officer)

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Eske Saghani
Biographical Information







September 15, 2381 (age: 40)

Physical Description

5' 7"







Political Information



USS Charon


Medical Officer


Lieutenant Junior Grade

Played By:


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