Dustin Shea

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Dustin Shea
Biographical Information







November 29, 2381 (age: 40)

Physical Description



125 lbs.


Dark Brown



Political Information



Assistant Chief Engineer



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"Success can make you go one of two ways. It can make you a prima donna, or it can smooth the edges, take away the insecurities, let the nice things come out."

-Barbara Walters


Since early childhood I've been one to tinker. I’d take things apart and attempt to put them back together. More often than not ended up trashing what was taken apart or having to take it to my father and tell him what I did.

Math has always been a strong point with me. Basic math never was enough. I was eager to always learn more advanced math. When I got to high school, I completely passed up taking pre-algebra and went straight to algebra I. I found myself consistently going to my instructor getting help. By the time I got into high school, I was a sophomore in a trig class with junior and seniors acing the tests. By the time I became a senior, I was in AP Calculus. I didn't do too well in the class, but that did’t stop me from trying. I missed passing the AP test by one point.

Computer knowledge has always come easy to me. I self taught myself networking, a little programming and web design. Of all of these networking and web design are my strongest.

Ever since I was a child, one of my dreams was to fly. My dreams were shot down once I became a diabetic in 2393. I didn't give up hope though. I continued to dream. My dream finally became a reality when I was offered a position on the USS-Enterprise. The USS-Enterprise valued my knowledge and didn’t care about my medical condition. They valued me as a person. They valued my expertise. For this, I thank the commanding officer, UCIP, and the crew of the USS-Enterprise for giving me such a wonderful opportunity.

I recently became engaged to acting Chief Medical Officer, Baliya Neera. This is truly a happy moment in my life. However, I’m currently finding myself at odds with a certain acting Chief Engineering Officer whom has also tickled my fancy. I really don’t want to ruin such a wonderful relationship I have with Baliya. I love her with all heart. Is there a someplace in this galaxy where I am allowed to have multiple wives?

As of the awards ceremony that was held Stardate 240803.04, the engagement with Baliya was broken off as I asked for my engagement ring back. Katja has become the one true love of my life. She brings a lot of passion and excitement into my life. Now to just to wait for the Commodore to allow us to see each other… things are just so damn hard not being able to spend the time with her that I would like.

240803.18 – Due to poor performance during the Kobayashi Maru simulator evaluation, I was reduced back to the rank of Lt. JG. There is nothing like sitting around during an evaluation where you know you’re going to fail playing a game of solitaire and wanting to have a grind session with your department head before you go BOOM

240807.20 – Resigned service as an Engineer from the USS-Enterprise after discovering political upheavals within the crew causing his love, Katja, to be removed from the ship.

240807.21 – Was caught as a POW while being transferred to the USS-Archer.

I stayed for a short time on the USS-Archer until their CO resigned. After such, I took some time away from the service life until I was just recently just asked to command the USS Paganari. Her maiden voyage was 241002.02.

241409.05 - Returned to service life after a long ass retirement. The beach life just wasn't doing it any longer. Time to see what happens on the USS-Vindicator! Maybe some sparks will come about with Amelia Waterhouse. Only time will tell.


I am the son of Brenda and Theron Philip (goes by Philip) Shea. I have a younger sister, Dawn, and a younger brother, Nikolas. Dawn is a couple years younger than I and Nikolas is 14 years younger than I. With the huge age difference between myself and my younger brother wasn't able to grow in the way in which I was able to. He has a huge disrespect towards any type of authority including my parents.

Service Record

Rank Posting Position Promotion Date
CSS Enterprise Assistant Engineering Officer  ??


CSS Enterprise Assistant Engineering Officer 240706.05

Lieutenant Junior Grade

USS Enterprise Assistant Engineering Officer 240712.31


USS Enterprise Assistant Engineering Officer 240803.04

Lieutenant Junior Grade

USS Enterprise Assistant Engineering Officer 240803.18


USS Vindicator Assistant Chief Engineering Officer 241409.05


Date Name Ribbon Medal
240601.24 The Confederation Ribbon of Merit Confedmerrit.jpg
240705.29 Red Ribbon of Excellence / Basic SIMGuide (Email) Academail.png
240705.29 Blue Ribbon of Excellence / Basic SIMGuide (IRC) Acadirc.png
240706.05 Engineering Citation Engineering-citation.jpg
240706.05 Kirk Award Kirk-jpg.jpg
240706.05 Confederation Service Medallion Confedserviceribbon.jpg Confedservicemed.jpg
240706.26 Enterprise Achievement Award Entyachieve.jpg
240707.03 Joviin Award Joviin.jpg
240801.13 Special Operations Ribbon Specops.png
240801.25 Enterprise Excellence Award Entygreatr.jpg Entygreatm.jpg
240805.05 Knight Award Knight.png
240806.07 Star Cross for Merit Starcrossrib.gif Starcross.png