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USER ID: 1595 NAME: Cintia Sha`mer RANK: Rear Admiral SIMULATION: No Simulation ASSIGNMENT: No Position STATUS: Active

PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES RACE: Human AGE: 38 GENDER: Female HEIGHT: 1.74 WEIGHT: 50 kg EYE COLOR: Green/brown HAIR COLOR: Dark brown with lighter streaks

PERSONAL INFORMATION BIRTHPLACE: Rinti science colony MARITAL STATUS: Single PARENTS: Father: L. Godral, mother Asamor Fin (deceased). SIBLINGS: Two brothers and one sister, current whereabouts unknown PERSONAL QUOTE: If it doesn't work, hit it. If it still doesn't work, hit it harder...

ACADEMY TRAINING The following is a record of courses at the Academy which Rear Admiral Cintia Sha`mer has passed. Basic SIMGuide (E-Mail) Science: General Security & Tactical Command Starfleet Secret Service Judge Advocate General



Rear Admiral

Golden Nebula - Rear Admiral Cintia Sha'mer is hereby awarded with the Golden Nebula Award as she has stood as CO of Trilista Colony, one of the highest performing SIMs within the UFP Division, for longer than many of our current SIMs have been running. The SIM is well run, its administration is brilliant, the website is an amazing resource for any new SIMmer and an amazing number of people only have good things to say about Trilista as a SIM. Under Sha'mer's leadership this SIM looks set to continue on its wondrous journey as the group's only SIMming colony and as a highlight of just what the Federation can be about apart from starships and space stations. Cinta Sha`mer Ribbon - For her time, dedication and efforts on behalf of Gamma Fleet, even after she was appointed SFCO. Silver Medal for Service - Captain Sha'mer has served as a Department Head or Higher for well over 18 months, having taken on the position of Trilista Colony's Executive Officer on SD240109.16 and before that having been the Chief Science Officer for some time. Since that point as a LtCmdr, Sha'mer has progressed in rank and posts, to CO and Gamma Fleet CO. She is an asset to Gamma fleet, Starfleet and UCIP. Nova Cross for Merit Andrew Bergan Sim of Excellence Award - Twice Recieved SD 240201.30 & SD 240301.30 Star Cross For Merit. Fleet Service Medal with Silver Cluster Fleet Service Medal with Bronze Cluster - Twice Decorated Timmis Award SD 240.02.04 Archon Award with Solar Flare Silver Star for Valour - For going beyond the line of duty and knowing that you may not survive. For supreme acts of bravery in infiltrating the Twist Base and having the courage to make it through it all. Purple Heart - For obvious reasons...for the injuries you sustained in the line of duty, acutally sustained while going far beyond the line of duty. Starfleet Achievement Medal for Valour - For your courage at the post of Tactical, performing with excellence even when injured in the line of duty. Kragite Order of Heroism - For displaying dedication, innovation and excellence as USS Caesar's Chief Tactical Officer during the Romulan War. Command Course (Email) Gold Command Course (Email) Silver Senior Officer's Training Judge Advocate General Ribbon of Excellence Science Ribbon of Excellence Starfleet Special Forces Ribbon of Excellence Security/Tactical Ribbon of Excellence Blue Ribbon of Excellence [Basic Email]

Golden Nebula. Silver Service Medal. Nova Cross for Merit. Star Cross for Merit. Silver Star Purple Heart 10 years of UCIP Commemorative Medal. Command Course (Email) Gold Command Course (Email) Silver

Celebrating 10 Years of UCIP.

Service Career

Recieved the rank of Cadet Promoted to Ensign Promoted to Lieutenant. JG Promoted to Lieutenant SD240109.16 Promoted to Lt.Commander Promoted to Acting Commander SD240202.08 Promoted to Commander SD240208.04 Promoted to Acting Captain SD240208.27 Promoted to Captain SD240307.03 Promoted to Commodore SD240406.26 Promoted to Rear Admiral PREVIOUS POSTS: Assistant tactical, USS Firehawk (destroyed) ASciO, Trilista Colony CSciO, Trilista Colony XO, Trilista Colony BACKGROUND: Little is known about Sha'mers youth. According to her files, she has grown up on Rinti science colony, a small colony near the Triangle. This was destroyed in a raid several years ago. Her mother died in this attack. Her father, two half-brothers and one half-sister are still alive, but she has lost contact with them a long time ago.

Since the Rinti attack, Sha'mer wandered around for a long time before finally joining Starfleet Academy at the age of 25, graduating three years later. What she has done in the time before she joined Starfleet is unknown.

Her first assignment was the USS Firehawk as assistant tactical officer, in which position she served until the vessel was destroyed by a Romulan Bird of Prey. Of a crew of 568 persons, Sha'mer was one of the twelve survivors. After recovering from her severe injuries on starbase 816, she requested and was granted an assigment as assistant science officer to Trilista Colony. She was there for barely three hours, however, before being ordered to serve as tactical officer on the USS Caesar. On this vessel she fought in the Romulan war and helped stop the advance of the Romulan fleet at Ivor. As a result of her actions there she was promoted, as well as decorated.

In the mission following the return of the USS Caesar to Trilista, Sha'mer - by now promoted to CSciO - was assigned as a temporary tactical officer on a temporal mission. During that mission, something still unexplained went amiss when she transported planetside as part of an away team and ended up, together with Lt(jg) Goodspeed, on a planet some 10.000 lightyears from where they transported from. They managed to escape by stealing what turned out to be a private yacht, the Imperial Star, which they took along with them to Trilista.

Not long after this mission, a parasite infection came to Trilista which infected most of the crew. The people who were affected were most of the time not aware of it, but committed atrocities for what they thought was 'right'. Sha'mer was one of the infected people, but due to her unusual mind she was very much aware of the parasite, who actively tried to control her by taking over her body and, after she managed to break through the conditioning once, locked her out completely. She remained in this state of sensory deprivation - blind, deaf, unable to sense anything but her own pain, which the parasite used to punish her - for several days, when she was found and the parasite removed at last.

Shortly after the parasite invasion, Sha'mer was promoted to XO of Trilista Colony. In this position she served for two months, before being promoted to LtCmd on SD 240109.16. Shortly after that, commander MacKay, Trilista's ACO, resigned from Starfleet, leaving Sha'mer as ACO. Sha'mer's taking command of Trilista coincided with the 30th anniversary of Trilista Colony. To commemorate this anniversary, the Colony has been chosen to host an Animal Preserve, which will contain animals from all over the quadrant. The building of the Preserve did meet with a lot of resistance, especially in the form of the radical organisation called FSPDA, lead by a man nicknamed Dolphin Man. He went to great lengths to prevent the Preserve from being build, resorting to terrorist attacks and eventually planning to blow up Trilista City. This plan was foiled at the last moment and his organisation was rolled up, not without some losses however. Dolphin Man was captured and tried, however, his girlfriend, nicknamed Panther Woman, has vowed to avenge herself on the people who made his capture possible.

On the day the Anniversary celebration was held, ACmdr Sha'mer, by now no longer Acting CO, was send out on a mission to go out and infiltrate a smuggler organisation, who had a base somewhere in the Alpha Cygnis system. To that end, an undercover team was formed. Using this team, Sha'mer attempted to contact the smuggler organisation. However, it soon turned out she herself was part of the bait. When she attempted to make contact with one of the smuggler groups on a base deep in the Badlands, she was captured and imprisoned. During her imprisonment she was tortured by none other than Panther Woman, the FSPDA having been a very good customer of the smuggler organisation. Eventually, she was brought to the smuggler base in the Alpha Cygnis system. From there she was later liberated by the Trilista Marines, who had been alerted of her presence there by Starfleet Command. She was brought back to Trilista Colony in a bad shape and used the next two months to recover. When she was discharged from the hospital, she was part of a ceremony to honor those who had participated in her original mission and who had helped to free her from the smuggler base. During this ceremony, she herself was decorated as well.

Promoted to full Commander on SD 240202.08. Things were relatively quiet on Trilista since Sha'mer's return after the Smuggler mission. There was one brief interlude several months later, when the person known as Panther Woman returned to Trilista to exact vengeance on those who had thwarted her in the past, namely Devereux, Prill Rom and Sha'mer. During one of those actions she learned that Dolphin Man had managed to commit suicide in his cell and broke down totally. Sha'mer's good friend, RAdm. James Williams, took pity on her and brought her to a safe place where she could recover, wanting only something which could help Sha'mer from her in return. Panther gave him this, but when Sha'mer learned what had happened, she hunted Panther down. She almost killed her, leaving what was left of Panther Woman alive in the end because dead would be the easy way out. Not long after Sha'mers return to Trilista, a fleet of aliens managed to open an old stargate whose controls had been long buried in an ancient building in the middle of the desert. In an attempt to communicate with the telepathic beings, they took over her mind by accident, which drove her into a coma which lasted for a week. After she woke up, she seemed to have found a measure of peace which she had lost long before the Smuggler mission.

Promoted to Acting Captain SD SD 240208.04.

Promoted to Full Captain SD 240208.27.

Peace both on Trilista and within Sha'mer herself was disturbed when two races suddenly appeared and seemed to be vying for the Alpha Cygnis system. One of the races was only too familiar to Sha'mer: the Vo'Sh'un. The other race she had encountered before as well, the Tykarians. Both tremendously powerful, a war between them could have tremendous impact on Trilista Colony as well as the surrounding system. An attempt was made to get the two parties talking, and since both races were really looking out for a way to avoid a war altogether without too much loss of face, they accepted Starfleet's offer to mediate. The discussions were long and intense, and not helped by the fact that several bomb threats were made and even executed. One of those bombs was placed in the power distribution station of Trilista, another one in Capt. Sha'mers car. A third bomb, placed in the Hospital, was detected just before detonation and rendered safe, and researching it lead to the terrorist. It turned out to be one of the Tykarians, who was summarily executed. Shortly afterwards, a treaty was signed between the Tykarians and the Vo'Sh'un, leaving the Colony safe once more.

A short �tour around the block� mission on the USS Neptune, meant to investigate the Stargate recently found above Trilista, ends in disaster when the three ships end up in the Mirror Universe instead. At the same time, three Mirror Universe ships appear in the Alpha Cygnis system. Unknown how they ended up there, almost engaging in battle with a Mirror Universe Alliance vessel on the other side of the Stargate, they struggle to find a way back. Eventually, such a way is found, thanks to the efforts of the science officers on all three ships and on Trilista. The ships pass through the Stargate simultaneously, so that everyone ends up where he or she belongs � save for Cmdr. Alexis Merandii, who is still on board the Terran vessel Poseidon as they pass through the Stargate, trying to disarm a nuclear device before it can be set off in the middle of the trip. He succeeds, but is lost to this universe.

On SD 240307.03, Captain Sha'mer was promoted to Commodore.

On SD 240406.26, Sha'mer was promoted from Commodore to Rear Admiral.

MEDICAL HISTORY: During the destruction of the USS Firehawk, Sha'mer was severely injured when caught under a falling bulkhead. Injuries included a broken collarbone, several broken ribs, a badly broken leg and possibly a blow to her head, since Sha'mer cannot recall how she managed to reach the escape pod after being caught under the bulkhead. Furthermore, for three weeks after the incident the brain patterns were degrading and a neural stimulator had to be worn to prevent her from sliding into a coma. Since for unknown reasons regenerators don't seem to have any effect on Sha'mer, the injuries had to heal naturally. The damage to her leg is so extensive that further operations are in order. Until that time it is strongly recommended that she does NOT serve aboard a ship, since the risk of a renewed fracture is substantial.

While serving on the USS Caesar a fall sustained in the middle of a battle caused her leg to break again. It hasn't healed to its full extend, leaving her with a brace to strengthen her leg and needing a cane to walk around.

During the freak weather conditions which hit Trilista during the Yazici attack, Sha'mer suffered extreme hypothermia when caught outside in the cold. Having recovered from that, a few days later she was hit by a high setting phaser stun, lapsed into a coma and nearly died. A neural stimulator was used to prevent further damage.

Sha'mer was one of the persons to be infected by parasites on Trilista Colony. Like a lot of infected people, it has taken her some time to recover from the physical effects of the infection. However, she still bears the mental scars from the ordeal.

Her latest medical examination, SD 240109.21, revealed that the injuries to her leg have healed as well as possible and that she has mostly recovered from the parasite infection. She does seem to suffer from lack of sleep, for which a later medical update is required. A later medical update showed that her lack of sleep had not diminished. However, like before, she has refused any sedatives or counseling to see what causes this lack.

Imprisonment and torture during the mission where Sha'mer was send out to infiltrate a smuggler organisation has left her with severe physical and mental injuries. Physical injuries sustained at the time included: - broken and bruised ribs - a minor concussion - cuts in various depths all over her body - internal injuries consistent with involuntary intercourse - re-fracturing of her previously injured leg, caused, in part, by the removal of pins which had been left behind by previous operations - torn knee-bands in her right leg and severe damage to the knee-joint, which, in combination of previous damage to this leg, has left her permanently crippled. Subsequent investigation also shows severe damage to the motoric neurons in the same leg. The extend of the mental scars have yet to be determined. Note: she is unwilling to participate in any counselling session. Has been declared fit for duty by counsellor Lt. J. Tel'Sha on SD 240203.29.

SD 240207.27: Attempting to make contact with an alien race of telepaths lands Cmdr. Sha'mer into a coma which lasts a week. A joint effort of RAdm. Williams and counselor Lt. Tel'Sha is needed to bring her out of it. After roughly another week, she is declared fit for duty again.

SD 240212.26 A bomb explosion severely injures Capt. Sha'mer. Injuries include internal bleeding, a foreign object is removed from her brain, two broken arms and extensive damage to her already crippled leg. An offer to replace her right leg by a cybernetic one is refused. Assistance from the Vo'Sh'un manage to heal most of the injuries and reduce healing time of others, however, her leg is damaged even beyond their help.

OTHER NOTES: OC info: these are the official Starfleet records. They are by no means true. Please contact me if you need the full story for any reason.