Ch'tan Foster

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Ch'tan Foster
Biographical Information



Klingon/Human Hybrid




May 28, 2383 (age: 39)

Physical Description

6' 2"


221 lbs.


Dark Brown


Deep Blue

Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet/Klingon Empire Defense Force


IKS Ya'Vang


Commanding Officer


bIng 'aj

Played By:


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Ch'Tan David was born to Lisa Anne Marie Foster and Ch'Krang of the house of K'Alith on stardate 238305.28, however his father had to leave on a mission, which turned out to be the last time anyone would see him, Ch'Tan's early life was mostly uneventful, he was always bigger than the kids in his schools and so didnt tend to get picked on because of his strong cranial ridges.

On the eve of his 18th birthday he decided to join Starfleet after his mother had died a year beforehand, his first posting, the USS Alithyra was where he made a name for himself, as a Security officer he was decorated for wounds sustained in the line of duty and for exceptional bravery, the CO at the time was very impressed with his skills and promoted him to Ensign and Tactical Officer.

However, shortly after the ship was crippled and then once returned to the nearest starbase, it was decommisioned and its crew all reassigned, Ch'Tan now awaits his next posting.

Soon after, he was assigned to the USS Atlantia-A as the chief of tactical and security, however for personal reasons, he decided to leave the ship and seek another position.

This other position came in the form of Tactical Advisor to the Starfleet Colony on the planet called Astate, a planet shared with the Romulans, Astate was a hotbed of activity, however shortly after arriving, Ch'tan was transferred again to the USS Charon, a ship crewed by both Starfleet and Romulan officers, the CO being a former Romulan Commander, working for Starfleet.

The Charon slowly became home for the half Klingon and despite his disagreements with the CO, she eventually came to trust him and promoted him several times, even so far as to name him Executive Officer for a short period of time.

During his tenure as the ships XO, Ch'tan was wounded by a Romulan Assasin, his life being saved by the Romulan CO, the Klingon lay in a comatose state for several weeks.

While he was unconcious, the Klingon's father reappeared and demanded that the Charon give his son over to him, the Romulan CO refused and negotiated with the Klingon to allow Ch'tan to remain onboard to recover.

When Ch'tan came around, he resumed his duties as Chief Tactical Officer onboard the Charon, but decided to leave with his father after a few weeks, this is the last known information of Ch'tan in Federation records.

After leaving with his father onboard the IKS Ya'Vang, Ch'tan then took command of the ship after his father felt it was time for him to retire to the family estates, as the head of the house, he named Ch'tan the Commanding Officer of the Ya'Vang and granted him the rank of HoD within the house. (The house of Ch'Krang operates outside of the Klingon Military structure and as such, Ch'tan's rank would not be honoured if the Ya'Vang should return to KDF control.)

With the folding of the Klingon Empire into the Federation, the Klingon Defense Force was reduced, this led to a certain amount of animosity and the outbreak of a Klingon Civil War.

As the Ya'Vang operated outside of the Klingon Military structure, it was not affected by the Empire becoming members of the Federation, however, Ch'tan was approached multiple times by the rebellious elements to fight against the Empire.

Feeling insulted by the Rebels at the insinuation he would turn against the Empire and the Federation, Ch'tan and the house of Ch'krang aligned themselves with the Empire, hunting down and destroying rebel ships, executing traitors and attempting to secure the borders of the Empire against the external threats that also became apparent, mostly from the recently destabilised Romulan Empire and the active Tholian Assembly.

Other Notes

Physical Description

Standing at over 6 foot tall, Ch'Tan is a towering warrior, his cranial ridges are more pronounced than a normal hybrids and can easilly pass for a full blooded Klingon, his hair is long and brown, normally held back from his face so he can concentrate on his work, his eyes are a deep blue, something he inherited off his mother.

General Overview

His personality is every bit Klingon, he is agressive, strong minded and can occasionally thirst for battle, he tends to get bored easilly if he doesnt have something to amuse himself.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Determined, Loyal, Physically strong, Quick and highly skilled with many different weapons. His weaknesses consist of a slight cockyness and an easilly provokable nature.


Ch'Tan's only ambition is to command his own starship later in life, so he chose to serve in Starfleet.

Hobbies & Interests

Martial Arts Ranged Light Weapons

Service Record

  • USS Alithyra, Assitant Security Officer, Cadet
  • USS Alithyra, Tactical Officer, Ensign
  • USS Atlantia-A, Chief of Tactical and Security, Lieutenant (SG)
  • Astate Colony, Tactical Advisor, Lieutenant (SG)
  • USS Charon, Chief Tactical Officer, Lieutenant (SG)
  • USS Charon, Executive Officer, Lieutenant Commander
  • USS Charon, Chief Tactical Officer, Lieutenant Commander